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Physical Security:
Biometric based personal identification system for access control, IP Surveillance system and 24x7 Physical Security have been implemented at Delivery center. Also state-of -the-art automation processes, fire alarm, fire suppression, have been put in place.

Data Security:
The information assets have protected with a comprehensive Adaptive Security Architecture. This includes, Firewall, VPN, IDS & IPS implementation using best of the breed products on each of these technology areas.

Power Resource:
Our Delivery centre is equipped with UPS devices and server power management systems to ensure uninterrupted service. UPS devices are deployed in parallel redundant configuration with N+1 redundancy to diesel generators.

The HVAC system has been designed and implemented using experts in this domain. We have deployed a Green environment air conditioning facility for the centre.

Telecommunication Infrastructure:
The facility is equipped with Voice, E-mail & Chat facility to provide Infrastructure Management & other IT enabled Services to clients. We are proposing to connect to client's facility through dedicated links. We would also provide managed services through VPN connectivity to clients where the numbers of network elements that are to be managed are minimal. We have leased Internet connectivity to an ISP with a redundant connectivity of another leased line with an alternate ISP. These ISP links are being connected through an ISP Load balancer.

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